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Top Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA

At Titan Garage Doors and Products, we are your most trusted Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA. As a local provider of overhead garage door system and parts, we can deliver solutions for all your garage door repair needs. Our team offers a full suite of service, including garage door installation, garage door spring replacement, track alignment, and more. Because we have the best brands and upgrades for homes and commercial properties, all your garage door needs are covered. With our 10-year warranty on garage door services plus premium supplies, you can always ensure safety and maximum curb appeal for your property.

Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA

Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA

Every  garage door repair concern becomes easy with Titan Garage Doors and Products. We are your on-stop-shop for all garage door matters. Apart from being a solid provider of overhead and garage door systems, we have a team of trained garage door technicians to assist in all installation and garage door repair in North Hollywood, CA. With our high-quality supplies and brand options, we are your most accessible team for these equipment:

Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs do the heavy lifting each time the garage door is used.  We have the best garage door spring and cable to handle every load. Our garage door professionals can install, tighten or replace worn-out and broken springs to keep your garage doors secure.

Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA

Garage Door Openers

We are your provider of the latest garage door openers. We carry the industry’s most reputable brands, and choose the best technology to ensure every garage door system can operate seamlessly each time.

Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA


We know that energy saving measures are a must nowadays. We have a wide range of insulation materials to maximize the energy efficiency of your garage doors. Our options have different R-value to satisfy all types of specifications.

Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA


With our weather-stripping products, you can protect your garage area from external elements. Keep draft, pests, water, and debris out by securing the weather-stripping on the garage doors.

Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA

Garage Door Hardware

Every garage door consists of different parts make the whole mechanical system work seamlessly. We carry high-quality hardware replacements, such as rollers, steel plates, hinges, and bolts to improve performance of both residential and commercial garage doors.

Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA

keypads, Controls and Accessories

Our mobile garage door service is stocked with different wall buttons – you can have your pick of simple hardwired buttons to smart systems. Whether you need to reprogram or replace your controls, the options will satisfy you.

With Titan Garage Doors and Products, you get to select only the top products and names in the market. We design our garage door services to be stress-free for our clients. Our professionals ensure that your garage doors will be installed or repaired in the best possible way.

Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA

Bigger, Better Garage Door Service

Garage doors perform every-day – so it’s only right that you rely on a top-rate garage door supplier North Hollywood that has a team of skilled professionals available 24/7. Titan Garage Doors and Products has over a decade of experience, which is why we can handle garage door repair, custom garage door projects, and regular tune-ups efficiently. With licensed technicians that have access to top garage door products, we can always guarantee that our garage door services meet the highest standards.

We naturally consider your convenience when booking garage door repairs here in North Hollywood, CA. So talk to us if you have any garage door concerns. Our experts can assist with residential garage door repair, commercial garage door maintenance, and new garage door installation. In fact, you can call anytime for either scheduled or emergency needs. First, we’ll book an onsite diagnosis to check what needs to be done on your garage doors. Next, we’ll determine along with our customers that best day and time for repairs. Our solutions, garage door service, and post-repair support will ensure your garage doors are reliable everyday!


Titan Garage Doors and Products understands how vital a fully-functional garage doors is, and we’re here to be most accessible garage door supplier North Hollywood, CA. Our array of options address both residential and commercial garage door repair needs. And with our experienced staff, we can handle the installation and repair projects for you. In fact, we offer same-day services for our customers. So if you have a broken spring, or a garage door opener that stops working – call us and we’ll certainly be there. Whether you need new garage doors or want to fix your existing unit, our crew is available to attend to your concern.

Finest Garage Door Installation Los Angeles, CA

Here at Titan Garage Doors and Products, we are always up-to-date with the latest garage door trends. And we know full well how garage door upgrades can make a difference. So if you want upgrades or new features in your garage doors, call our team. All your custom garage door maintenance and repair needs are met here.

Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA

Our first step is to evaluate what type of garage door you need or currently have. We can then recommend upgrades or parts replacement if needed. Next, we conduct the repairs, all according to standards. Our techs will ensure everything’s in place. Finally, we’ll have a post-repair or post-installation visit just to see that the doors are working properly. Your investment will be fully functional for years with our garage door installation, garage door opener repair, spring replacement, and general maintenance. So don’t hesitate to call us today for any garage door repair Los Angeles, CA.

It’s important that your garage doors work each day. That’s exactly why we offer same-day services to make sure we are there right when you need emergency garage door repairs. Homes and businesses are assisted, as our garage door technicians are minutes away and can attend to your location shortly. We pride ourselves with excellent service, the kind that gets you what you really need in all matters of garage door concerns.


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Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA

Custom Garage Doors in North Hollywood, CA

North Hollywood, California homeowners deserve the best garage door installation and repairs. If you are planning your next home improvement project, one of the best ways to boost value and functionality is with a custom garage door. We can make that happen! Our garage door sales and service techs will give expert insights from start to finish. We’ll discuss particular features that you want for your residential garage door, or create a plan for custom dimensions. And we’re here after installation – we’ll take care of garage door maintenance for homeowners in the North Hollywood, California area.

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Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA

Titan Garage Doors & Products, North Hollywood, California

North Hollywood, CA is a melting pot of culture and artistic pursuits. And as it has all the stunning natural attractions, history, and the energy of an urban landscape, many choose to build their home and businesses here. As mainstays in this area, we know that warm and cold conditions occur here. Even if it’s mostly hot, there are still some rainy months within the year. And this translates to garage doors needing the right maintenance work to keep up during seasonal changes.

Titan Garage Doors and Products understands that North Hollywood, CA residents need reliable garage door service all year round. Maintaining your property can free you from unexpected damage or costly expenses – and so we want to share our knowledge with all things garage doors. With us, you can choose a garage door type that will maximize your residential or commercials space. But we don’t just stop at garage door installation. Our service crew takes care of all tune-ups and maintenance, so you’ll always have a perfect working unit.

Garage Door Supplier North Hollywood, CA

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We are a longstanding garage door supplier North Hollywood, CA. When you call, we will listen to what you need exactly, and asses the problem onsite. We’ll customize the repair plan to give you options.

Titan Garage Doors & Products can:

– keep your garage door working in top condition
– give on-time overhead garage door repairs for homes and business
– install new garage doors with custom features to satisfy all your needs
– introduce smart upgrades and energy-efficient technologies

We can fix any issues with your garage doors because we focus on thorough assessment via free consultation before the actual work. We can do it all from repairing broken springs and panels to installing a new motor or adjusting the opener. Only proper customer service and high standards are given for our customer here in North Hollywood, CA. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can assist you!

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Titan Garage Doors and Products has a team of garage door technicians who can definitely answer your call. We know you want to take care of garage door repair fast, which is why we tailor our work according to your exact need. Being a leading supplier of premium garage door products, you don’t have to wait weeks for replacement items to be installed – we got everything you need. With our industry-aligned techniques, we can repair most makes and models of garage doors on the market. Indeed, we’ll surely put your best interest in mind. And we always offer the highest standard of garage door service without the overly steep rates!


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Since we’ve worked years for now as a local garage door service, we know that the garage door is a big security and aesthetic component of every home. And that means any faulty part can spell disaster – causing a risky situation. Therefore, keeping your garage doors in perfect condition is a must. Hence, we are here to provide the most efficient service. As a top garage door supplier North Hollywood, CA, we’ll make sure you get the right repairs for your unit. And even if you have experience in DIY projects, it’s still safer to call our professional garage door service. Not only do we do things according to industry standards, but we also provide extensive warranty for all garage door service. On the whole, our goal is to provide garage door solutions that are the most suitable for your property and your immediate need!

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Let Titan Garage Door and Products be your go-to garage door supplier North Hollywood, CA. We are are leading local garage door company that’s served the area for years now, and we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of materials and having a licensed and experienced team of technicians on-call 24/7. Our team can work on garage door installation, garage door maintenance, spring and opener replacement, and more. Make us your first choice – we’ve got the right set of products and skills to make your garage door repair Los Angeles CA accessible and efficient.

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