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Titan Garage Doors and Products has been a leading garage door supplier Los Angeles, CA. We provide all garage door parts and accessories! Being a source of the most reputable brands in the market, we ensure that customers have the top options to suit both needs and budget. And we operate in-line with industry standards and nothing less. Therefore, our licensed and warranty-covered garage door services bring you the best results possible.  

Our garage doors are manufactured by Amarr, a long-established brand in the US since the 1950s. We install all types of residential and commercial garage doors, across styles and features. Whether you prefer wooden carriage-style garage doors, composite with wood-like texture, steel garage doors, fiberglass, or double-steel garage doors – let our wide range of options create the custom garage doors of your dreams.

Let Us Fix Your Garage Door Problems

Garage doors are used practically daily, which means they’ll wear out in time. Regular garage door maintenance can keep your unit working well for years. But when there are already major issues, you’d want an expert team to deal with the doors. Our garage door supplier Los Angeles, CA company has the right replacement parts and technical knowledge to fix all types of garage doors.

These are some common problems you’ll come across:

Snapped or broken torsion springs happen when the springs get too loose or break. These act as the counterbalance to the garage door’s extremely heavy weight, and therefore absorb much of the tension. Spring repairs require special tools and the experience of a professional.

Broken cables due to wear and tear. These cables supplement the spring system when counterbalancing the doors’ entire weight. Broken cables need replacement right away.

Malfunctioning or blocked photo-eye sensor cause erratic closing of the garage door. These sensors send an invisible beam across the opener. If it’s blocked or faulty, the opener might move the doors erratically. This is too risky not to get fixed.

Faulty garage door opener affects how the garage door operates. The internal wiring and electrical system may fall out of adjustment due to any number of factors. When that happens, the reversing safety features might malfunction and cause property damage or injury.

Too much noise when rolling up and down may be due to issues with the garage door tracks, the friction produced by the garage door opener, or there may be a need to lubricate connective parts.

Garage doors that won’t open or shut down completely could be an issue with the opener, sensor, or tracks. As these parts operate daily, some parts will break or gradually show glitches due to wear and tear.

Local Garage Door Supplier Los Angeles, CA

Whether you are overhauling your garage doors, or just need certain parts replaced, Titan Garage Doors and Products have the necessary supplies for you. And even if there are different budget levels per customer, we can work within these bounds. Of course, there are also homeowners in which cost is no issue. Whatever garage door service you need, we have a wide array of options that will suit just about any specification.

Get the best Amarr garage doors with the style and features that will work in your property. Every unit is built to last, and are among best in the industry. That’s why the brand has long continued to provide residential and commercial garage doors in different compositions. Let us help find your garage doors today.

Get the best brands here – from LiftMaster, Genie, Chamberlain, Stanley, and more. We carry top-of-the-line garage door openers with different features to suit either residential or commercial garage doors. Find what your property needs.

We can help you keep your garage door springs in good shape with our durable torsion spring and extension spring replacements. Our team will come out and install, tighten or replace worn out and broken parts so that they are always working properly.

We provide high-quality rollers, cables, hinges, drums, brackets, shafts, vertical and horizontal tracks, and more for all your garage door maintenance needs. Whatever part needs replacements, we mostly have the finest components in stock. Check with our customer service if you need any hardware today.

We carry garage door remotes for virtually every make and model. In fact, we can provide universal remotes for different garage door openers. Consult with our technicians what type of opener you need to have a new remote, and we’ll confirm what product will be compatible.

Why Call Professionals

Since garage doors, overhead doors, roll-up garage doors, and their mechanisms are at work every single day, there’s no point in prolonging any malfunction or worn-out parts. In fact, neglecting minor issues could lead to premature damage, bigger cost, and most importantly, it could leave your home or business to break-ins and disastrous consequences.

Having your garage door professionally fixed keeps the unit under warranty, and you’ll ultimately get the highest quality of service from knowledgeable technicians.

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Here at Titan Garage Doors and Products, we stand behind the work that we do. Our years of experience and an array of latest product options can ensure your garage door repairs go seamlessly. By working with our top garage door supplier Los Angeles, CA company, you’ll have the best options in the market. Call us for new garage doors or tuneups!